Chest Foundation
of India !

Creating Awareness of Chest & Respiratory Diseases !

About CFI

About Chest Foundation of India

Chest Foundation of India is a registered non-profit Trust launched in October 2006 to raise awareness about respiratory diseases like asthma, TB, COPD, lung cancer etc. and to improve its management amongst the community.

The Trust is run by individuals belonging to the medical and non-medical fraternities and Dr. Raj B Singh, MD, FRCP, FCCP and Senior Respiratory Consultant, Apollo Hospitals is the Managing Trustee.

Prior to this, from March 1998 - October 2006 the Foundation was functioning under the banner of Asthma Foundation of India and the focus was on asthma but since a need has been felt to address other respiratory diseases causing significant morbidity and mortality in India like TB, COPD, lung cancer etc., the Chest Foundation of India was launched to address these diseases.

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