CFI Objectives


The Objectives of the CFI are

  • To increase awareness of chest / respiratory diseases and its management amongst the community irrespective of caste, creed, race, colour or religion.
  • To increase awareness of treatment options amongst patients with chest related disorders through hospitals.
  • To improve awareness amongst the medical fraternity regarding chest and respiratory disorders and their management.
  • To improve the profile of chest and respiratory disorders in medical colleges and institutions.
  • To co-ordinate the activities of doctors of institutions dealing with chest and other respiratory care and education.
  • To assist in the management of chest diseases and other related disorders by establishing and running or assist in the running of clinics, hospitals or institutions for the purpose.
  • To open, set up and / or maintain research and development centre/s relating to chest and respiratory diseases.
  • To make such representations as may be found necessary to any government (Central, State or Foreign), local and public bodies, etc., in all matters to the interest of the Trust.
  • To bring about standardisation in the management of chest / respiratory disease and other allied diseases / ailments and to promote study of association between them and the environment.
  • To reduce morbidity and mortality associated with chest / respiratory diseases.
  • To improve management of chest / respiratory disease and to improve availability and accessibility of effective therapy to different cross sections of Society.